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Moon And Stars

It was around summer 2018, i was going to PIXEL and PINTS meetup in downtown Calgary.If you are a developer or into technology and want to learn what's really happening in Calgary in terms of technology while having a beer with like minded people, this is the meet up for you.

One of my close friends who is a full-stack developer was visiting us so I took him there.We were networking and getting the latest information on what's happening. It was there I met M who is a professional recruiter specialized in IT. As he learned I am a front-end developer and not sure which direction I should head up, he started a conversation which changed my perspective on what I want.

He first told me , in the IT world the ratio of the females are quite limited , so as a female front-end developer I have a high chance of getting a job.

Companies finally realized by keeping the gender ratios unbalanced, they are not able to serve half of the market share because their products not necessarily reflect on those categories.

My background was business and more graphic design and only recently I was interested the code side of things.That made me hesitant on applying for jobs.He assured me , age is a number, and all that matters is, your portfolio and character.

The conversation took a turn over there, he was wanting me to apply for jobs.I was, however, interested in part-time jobs.

As a new immigrant , I was already working in a well-paid job with pleasing hours.i was only looking for a part-time opportunity where I can work on the second half of the week.

It was like the best suitable solution for me.So i thought.

He politely tried to explain to me, i need to choose between careers and if I really want to go in the direction of IT i should fully commit .

I was trying to find a loop around his explanations.

He was so civil and so friendly, I was getting more comfortable with my words.

At one point he firmly said, if you want It , you need to choose, Cigdem.

I said, almost stomping my foot down “But, M i dont want to choose, i want the moon and stars.I want everything”

He laughed and said”‘well then, in that case, either you can freelance or open your own business”

That gave birth to Distinct graphics and Software Solutions.