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Link Building Manupilation Technique

Building backlinks takes time and effort. It's worth the time put in from SEO stand of a point; however, with so many strategies out there, it's often hard to select the right plan or strategy applicable for your business.

How about you find a strategy, which delivers 5 things: 

1- Backlinks

2- Promoting your content

3- New partnerships

4- New leads 

5- New opportunities

Backlinks: You approach the prospect and explain your intention of starting a relationship and/or exchange backlinks. If the prospect sees value in this exchange, they will most likely accept it.

Promoting your content: The prospect has to go through your content to check it out, by just doing that, you are already promoting your content. 

New partnerships: Creating a new connection is all about your attitude of presenting your content. Alone good content might give you traffic, but if you are looking for a longer, more profound relationship, your attitude matters. Be friendly, and eager to team up with, so the prospect will feel more like a partner than a client.

New leads: The moment you approach a prospect for partnership, you are creating yourself a new lead. Even if backlink exchange is not agreed upon, If your content and attitude are on par, then prospect can still turn into your lead.

New opportunities: When you approach prospects to promote your content or create a partnership via backlinks, there is a lot to learn from each other. An opportunity is always right around the corner, waiting for you to discover.

Watch video by SEO link builder Julian Goldie, who approached us with the "manipulation technique video" that he presented. We saw value in sharing and adding on our two cents on top of it.